ASLAK is Maadaniyah's key business unit and a major manufacturer of steel wire products in the region with more than two decades of experience. ASLAK is a leading manufacturer of steel wire products in the Middle East region with more than two decades of experience which is also the first and the biggest manufacturer of PC strands in the region. Its PC strands have been used in majority of construction and infrastructure projects includes the world famous architectural landmarks in the entire GCC region. As a major steel wire drawing company, Aslak highly equipped with latest contemporary facilities for various steel wire drawing process.

Aslak is a part of the group ‘National Metal Manufacturing and Casting Company (MAADANIYAH)’, the Largest GCC Company specialized in Metal Process and Engineering products and services. Maadaniyah is a Saudi Joint stock Company which has TASNEE ( the second largest industrial and petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia as a major shareholder)Maadaniyah is a well-established, rapidly growing business group since 1990 with a strong market presence in more than 14 countries. It has four different business units as Aslak, Masabik, Arabian Axles (Mahawer) as well as Technical & Engineering Services (TESC) based in Jubail and Dammam in the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia.




Aslak manufactures high quality PC strands for Pre-stressing and Post-tensioning used in building, construction and infrastructure application,


Spring wires for bedding and seating,


Low carbon galvanized wires for cable armoring,


And high carbon wires for re-enforcing high voltage overhead conductors.