Quality Management System


Aslak an ISO 9001-2008 certified wire drawing plant that strongly believes quality is the key for success and governs its robust quality management system throughout the entire operations as top priority in each and every stage.

Aslak has the world class Quality Management System with clear policy and procedures and quality assurance processes that strictly monitor and control the entire production process, and ensure the high quality products.

Aslak’s PC strands steel wire production plant has been certified by Post Tensioning Instittue, USA and the PC strand products are certified by Dubai Municipality which demonstrates the strength of its Quality Management System.


Quality Policy
  • Achieve Total customer satisfaction by providing products that meet all specified requirements and in accordance with customer needs and expectations.
  • Develop and implement Quality System conforming to ISO 9001standard which will.

    A) Maintain product Quality Performance, and ensure the company becomes the leader in Quality and Product Reputation.
    B) Monitor results obtained, and identify areas requiring improvement, at regular management meetings.
  • Organize and manage available resources for the prevention of defects and focus corrective.Actions on the identification and elimination of quality problems.
  • To place great emphasis on the importance of training and education of all employee's, and to:

    A) Stimulate employees creativity, initiative and sense of responsibility.
    B) Ensure the awareness of company objectives and policies.
  • Commitment to Statutory and regulatory requirements as required by government laws.

  • Continual improvement of processes to achieve optimum performance results.



Quality Assurance
  • The Quality Assurance at ASLAK plant in National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Co. (Maadaniyah) possess the human and material resources adequate for undertaking all the tasks inherent to quality.
  • Production control commences with the assurance of the quality of all the incoming raw material used in the production processes. Suppliers are carefully scrutinized based on their proven abilities to provide consistently high quality products and an annual evaluation of all the suppliers are performed for controls.
  • Measurements and evaluations typical of a self-control process are also periodically carried out for dimensional checks, mechanical specification tests such as low relaxation tests, bending, torsion, fatigue, tensile and coatings (layers of copper, phosphate, zinc).
  • The Q.A. The department has a well-equipped Metrology wing for performing all the weights and measurements.
  • The calibration of the measuring equipments and tools are carried out through a well-documented calibration schedule to maintain its reliability and quality of the manufactured products.
  • The other wing is the Quality Control Laboratory that has modern facilities for performing chemical and mechanical tests besides spectrometric analysis for verification of material chemical compositions.